Mark Brownfield G0EMZ Memorial Shield.

The following rules apply to the Mark Brownfield award, and have been amended due to the Covid-19 measures; 

  1. The award period will be in respect of contacts made from the 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2020

  2. The Mark Brownfield Shield will be presented to the winner at the AGM later in the year

  3. Entries can be sent at any time but final entries must be received by Dave Green, G4OTV, no later than 5 July 2020

  4. Entries should be submitted by email to or sent by post to St Annes, Poundfield Road, Crowborough, TN6 2BG

  5. The log sheet here is to be used (one copy for each phrase). Further copies of the log sheet can be printed or requested by email from Dave.

  6. Stations must be worked where the last letter of the callsign can be used to make up the phrase  “West Kent Amateur Radio Society Mark Brownfield Award”. (ignore any suffix eg /p, /m etc.)

  7. The modes acceptable for this award are FM, AM, ssb, CW and rtty. Other data modes are NOT accepted.

  8. The letters can be obtained in any order but the whole phrase must have been completed before an attempt can be started on a second or subsequent making of the phrase.

  9. A station can only be worked once in a phrase e.g. three station callsigns ending in D are needed for each phrase but, as an example, G4JED can only be used for one of these. If, having completed a phrase you start another phrase then G4JED could be worked again to count as one of the letter Ds needed for the new phrase.

  10. One point will be awarded for each letter present in the phrase. Once the whole phrase has been completed (46 letters) a bonus of 4 points will be awarded making a total of 50 points.

  11. A claim can be for an incomplete phrase or can include an incomplete phrase following one or more complete phrases (one point per letter).

  12. Once the whole phrase has been completed, a further phrase can be attempted.

  13. There is no limit to the number of phrases that can be claimed but remember that each phrase must be completed before the next one can be started.

    The phrase “West Kent Amateur Radio Society Mark Brownfield Award” consists of the following letters:

           6 x A    1 x B    1 x C    3 x D    5 x E    1 x F     3 x I     2 x K    1 x L     2 x M   2 x N

           3 x O    5 x R    2 x S     4 x T    1 x U    3 x W   1 x Y