Mark Brownfield G0EMZ Memorial Shield.

It has been proposed that for the 2015/16 period of the award the rules below should apply. 
1. Only contacts with amateur radio stations on the South American mainland and associated islands or on Antarctica and its associated islands count toward this award.

A useful map of South American callsign prefixes may be found at  All of the prefixes shown on the map count towards the award.

A useful map showing prefixes used in Antarctica is at

The awards manager may use other resources such as in order to satisfy himself that each callsign claimed is valid.

2. The award is for contacts on any HF band, made while the member is operating within the UK. Each unique callsign with which a completed two way contact takes place on each band scores one point, with the award winner being the member with most points.

3. Permitted modes for communication are CW, AM, SSB and FM. No data mode contacts shall count toward this award.

4. Only direct radio contacts by WKARS members with the logged station will count. Contacts via any form of repeater or containing any part via the internet will not count.

5. Contacts for this award will be those logged from the 13th April 2015 until the 28th February 2016.

6. Entries for the award should be submitted to by the 14th March 2016, and should note the following details for each claimed contact; Date, Time, Band, Mode, Callsign worked.

7. The club Chairman will adjudicate on any matter relating to this award, and whose decision will be final.