VHF NFD weekend 6th / 7th July 2019.    

Contest weekend - West Kent ARS are again taking part in the VHF NFD this year, participating in four of the bands (6m, 4m, 2m, and 70cm).

Plans are to run over 200w on 2m and 70cm, and with 100w on 6m and 40w on 4m. This variety of powers across the various bands will place West Kent ARS in the Mix and Match category of clubs taking part.

The contest runs for 24hrs from 3pm (BST) on Saturday the 6th, with close down and packing up starting from 3pm on the Sunday.

A number of members are needed to help with the setting up and taking down, as well as with the operating on the bands over the contest period.

Further details can be obtained via email to info@wkars.org.uk